The Moth in the Iron Lung: A Biography of Polio PDF ç

The Moth in the Iron Lung: A Biography of Polio A fascinating account of the world s most famous disease polio told as you have never heard it before Epidemics of paralysis began to rage in the early s seemingly out of nowhere Doctors parents and health officials were at a loss to explain why this formerly unheard of disease began paralyzing so many children usually starting in their legs sometimes moving up through their abdomen and arms For an unfortunate few it could paralyze the muscles that allowed them to breathe Why did this disease start to become such a horrible problem during the late s Why did it affect childrenoften than adults Why was it originally called teething paralysis by mothers and their doctors Why were animals so often paralyzed during the early epidemics when it was later discovered most animals could not become infected The Moth in the Iron Lung is a fascinating biography of this horrible paralytic disease where it came from and why it disappeared in the s If you ve never explored the polio story beyond the tales of crippled children and iron lungs this book will be sure to surprise

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