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Manhood: The Bare Reality 100 men bare all in a collection of photographs and interviews about manhood and manhoodThese days we are all less bound by gender and traditional roles but is thereconfusion about what being a man means From veteran to vicar from porn addict to prostate cancer survivor men from all walks of life share honest reflections about their bodies sexuality relationships fatherhood work and health in this pioneering and uniue bookJust as Bare Reality 100 women their breasts their stories presented the un airbrushed truth about breasts for women Manhood The Bare Reality shows us the spectrum of normal revealing mens penises and bodies in all their diversity and glory dispelling body image anxiety and mythsSensitive and compassionate Manhood will surprise you and reassure you It may even make you reconsider what you think you know about men their bodies and masculinity

13 thoughts on “Manhood: The Bare Reality

  1. Avid reader Avid reader says:

    This is not a uick read For the most part it is the stories of each man as he or less described what manhood means to him It is British so some of the terms may be unknown outside Europe Some had terrible childhoods that left them scared and trying to find a way forward Others were early on confused as to their sexuality and how they came to terms with who they were Some had medical issues which impeded their enjoyment of sexual relations Others were confident with their manhood and had rewarding experiences Some were in there only marriage and others with multiple divorces in their past Some stayed close to their children and others got separated forever from their children The stories cover a wide range of human experiences told through the lens of being a man There is also a wide range of adult ages many of middle age or older Yes some discuss what size means to them from the whole range of sizes as does it really matter

  2. Izzi Tetterton Izzi Tetterton says:

    I love this book for so many different reasons For starters I was very sheltered growing up and men absolutely elude me It’s very intersesting to read about the lives and “livelihood” of various types men and see how they view their masculinitySecondly the presentation is amazing You get vauge information about the men from their genitalia it’s a penis it won’t tell you much but I was led to draw conclusions that is until I read the text and was able to disconnect from the image and the person It’s very refreshing to read in such a way because instead of knowing who this person is they will tell youSome is very depressing and makes me wonder about the consicencses of pushing masculinity on boys and men Some is exciting and some is very insightful I’m positive not all men think just like this book but these 100 men are leading a path to discussing real issues and real thoughtsAll in all I think it’s a good read for anyone who is curious about other people curious about men or want to explore journalistic writing stylesVery good read and I look foreword to finding books like this

  3. Elizabeth Gray Elizabeth Gray says:

    I saw this book in The Guardian and thought it would help me understand men better; as a cisgender heterosexual female men really stump me a lot of the time I am not aware of other books like this out there Also plan to use it as a display for the values based adult sexuality classes I facilitate Essays are short interesting Pictures certainly add interest who knew how many men shave their pubes But I had to delete one star just because this is written and edited in the UK and a lot of the slang is lost on me as a US reader A glossary would have been a big help Of course you can look terms up on the internet

  4. Peter Savage Peter Savage says:

    This is an okay collection of photos which I acuired for the simple purpose of not always using myself as the model I expected much larger in your face dick pix As it is it’s useful Someone will get this topic photographed and printed correctly one day Hints 1 various angles and 2 varied degrees of ‘inflation’


    I agree with a previous reviewer the idea is great and the stories are mostly interesting but the uality of the photos and the text are merely mediocre I find the text font challenging to read

  6. valerie laktash valerie laktash says:

    I heard about this on talk radio and the book isn't what it looks like It is really different male perspectives and it is good reading for women to know what different men think about their bodies The radio show said this would be great for every teenage boy so they know they are not the only ones with those same thoughts Very well written individual stories of males mostly in England

  7. Kurtis Kurtis says:

    Wish the pics were bigger and was printed in better uality but the stories are good and a good coffee table book for discussion

  8. Valerio Valentino Valerio Valentino says:

    Not what i was expecting There are plenty of pictures with male naked but the studies about that is not very deep I am still looking for a good book about that subject

  9. R H R H says:

    A refreshing approach to dealing with a fairly taboo subject with a wide variety of flaccid penises penii presented along with the views of their ownersIn criticism compared with Laura's previous work on women's breasts the format perhaps there is too much taboo around this as well as the censors pen to make it a viable proposition thoughSimilarly to the breast book the participants seem to be largely white & British Contributions from other nationalities cultures & people of colour would be desirableGood but could be bold

  10. MattyH1975 MattyH1975 says:

    I'm not even halfway through this book but I'm uite happy to give it five stars To read about these men's relationships with modern masculinity other people friends lovers and family as well as with their own bodies is a truly enlightening look into what it is to be a man in the 21st century I would urge anyone reading this review to look past the 'eww' factor that a book containing 100 pictures of full frontal male nudity and actually read what these men have to say Some of them will make you laugh some will make you cry If you are a woman some of it will make you uestion your beliefs and perceptions about the inner world of men and of how certain ideologies portray us If you are a man all of it will make you realise that no matter how you feel about your body and what it is to be a man that you are not aloneLaura Dodsworth I salute you Thank you for giving us such a wonderfully eye opening book

  11. Susan Susan says:

    There are one hundred pictures of willies in this book each with two or three pages written by its owner At first I started reading the book cover to cover but I found that a bit too much due to the unfamiliar nature of the material Now I am reading it a bit at a time a Willy a day The flaccid state of all the willies is said to represent the vulnerability of the people opening up with their stories I think people need to understand that if men really open up to others about their deepest things then this is what it will often look like like they are opening up about sex

  12. Customer Customer says:

    Very interesting to read how men feel about their 'manhood' What a fascinating range of both pictorial and written views of the penis I felt sad about the way some men have been victimised either by parents or friends or even lovers As a woman I wonder if women feel the same about their 'lady bits' I know this writer has done a book about breasts but would she consider another book about women's relationship with their most intimate parts Good value for money

  13. aliceloveridge aliceloveridge says:

    Really good Should be issued to all men so they can see that erectile dysfunction is just part of life and lots of us women don’t mind There’s to a loving sex life than an erection that’s the icing on the cake 😊 Also all chaos seem to want a bigger penis no matter how big the one they have is Again not all women want something huge we want the whole man involved not just a few inches

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